Sending money is always free.  Receiving money is free when collected in-kind and cheap when collected as cash.


Money transfers only take a couple of minutes, regardless of the final destination.


Our platform is both global and contiguous thanks to dense network of independent agents.


Our technology tokenises all transfers of value, and encrypts your data.



Blockchain Technology

All value-based transactions on the NOTIFS platform are secured by our proprietary blockchain-based ledger.

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger that stores a permanent and tamper-proof record of transaction data. Distributed ledgers can be thought of as a type of database, but unlike traditional databases, distributed ledgers are managed through a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture and do not have a centralized data store.

The simplicity and security that blockchain offers has inspired information technology (IT) professionals in finance to investigate ways that blockchain’s distributed ledger and encryption can be used to provide the banking industry with secure transactions in near-real time, while also reducing the cost of maintaining the necessary infrastructure required for back-end processing.

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Our Services


NOTIFS’ media platform delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more. The ever-expending media library gets populated through the publishing of exclusive, original content and aggregation of articles, photos and videos from a curated roster of award-winning sources.  You can also create and join public or private affinity groups to share news and content.
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Sending money domestically or abroad is always free.  Peer-to-peer money transfers are always free. Recipients can collect their money for free as in-kind goods and services from our affiliated merchants or collect it in cash with one of our local agents by paying a small withdrawal feel. Some of the added advanced features of our money transfer platform include automated payroll, a credit worthiness ledger and the built-in ability to request personal and business loan offers.  Our platform is also used by partnering financial institution to launch and expand their branchless banking initiatives and offer account opening, deposit, withdrawal, loan application and other transactions through our network of agents.
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Enjoy the convenience of our digital marketplace to shop for consumer products, pay bills and order on-demand services such as taxi rides and deliveries. Our diverse and growing network of merchants means that you get access to a one-stop shop for items such as food, apparel, beauty, health products and pay bills such utility, insurance and school tuition. You will also have access to investment opportunities such as real estate listings and crowdfunding deals.  Payment can be made online via bank card or via cash with one of our local agents.
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Invest through CrowdLent, our crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending platform .
We directly match borrowers looking for a low rate loan with investors looking for a higher rate of return.
Our direct and online-only model allows us to be more efficient and pass on the rewards to our customers.
There are no hidden charges so both our investors and borrowers get a good deal. We charge borrowers a low, transparent fee once their application has been approved. This is added to the loan amount and is included in all our APR quotations.
We also have a small number of financial institutions lending through our platform.

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